Sewing Threads

Sewing Threads

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  • Core Spun Thread
  • Textured Filament Thread
  • 100% Spun Polyester Thread
  • 5,000 cones/ day
  • Thies dying and SSM soft Winding & Coining machines
  • DATA Color, USA, color matching system
  • In-house testing system
  • Water treatment plant



ABS Enterprise has established the good sewing thread manufacturing unit in Bangladesh.

Now having more than 3 years of manufacturing experience, we have stood out clearly in the market with the range of our products and the quality which we sustained by using world class European machines such as “Thies” for dyeing and “SSM” for conning.

Our delivery is very based on the stock that we maintain for new shades a quick dye to match from our highly sophisticated lab and skilled technical team.