(Attach your fashion with our finest collection of buttons)


  • Free from any RSL-substances like lead, cadmium, nickel, and chromium or any Azo-compound and phthalate
  • Using world famous BONETTI, Italy machines
  • Full scale testing laboratories
  • Laser with Turning machines (with Color logo/Side Logo machine)
  • All types of Plastics Button, Specially Horn and Sheet buttons.
  • Button size started from 13L to 60L
  • Raw-materials from Italy, Taiwan


Keeping the art of excellence in mind, ABS Button are made from the finest Italian machinery, using premium raw materials from Italy and Taiwan to ensure the finest products for our clients. ABS Buttons are free of harmful RSL substances like lead, cadmium, nickel, chromium and other hazardous components, keeping our clients from harm’s way.

ABS uses the renowned Italian BONETTI machines, for the finest products. To keep the machines up and running, a big team of qualified engineers and technicians and workers are employed at different department in factory for optimum quality production. The Production line includes Laser with Turning machines, color logo, side logo and non-logo turning machines with a cumulative capacity of 100000 gross per month.