Graphic Swing Tickets & Swing Tags

Graphic Swing Tickets & Swing Tags

Projecting Brand Image and Identity

ABS prints graphic swing tags and tickets for some of the biggest and best known retailers in the garment industry today

Graphic swing tickets are a vital part of your sales and marketing strategy as they carry your brand name, logo and design. Without the right garment packaging in the right place at the right time, you can’t get your products on the shelf.

We understand that reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness is required by all garment packaging professionals, wherever they work for a luxury retail brand or a major value retailer. Whatever your requirement, ABS can produce graphic swing tags that engage consumers on the shop floor and add value to your brand.

What makes ABS a great source for graphic swing tickets?

  • ABS offer a range of creative optionsand can manufacture graphic swing tags from a variety of materials, depending upon the color, weight and finish you most desire. Swing tickets can be printed on many different types of paper board, with luxurious frosted and silk finishes or modern mirrored and holographic effects. We can also produce tickets using metal, plastic and wood, and offer a range of finishes including embossing and embellishment techniques, die-cutting, over-glossing, distressing and foil stamping.
  • We understand the importance of color consistencyand can help your brand to achieve it across your garment packaging range. Uniform labelling plays a big part in building a strong brand image, but matching card and print colors can be a difficult task. ABS uses spectrophotometers to measure color consistency, operating to CIELAB standards and adhering to the Pantone Matching System where necessary.
  • Our manufacturing strategyis aligned to that of our clients. It can be difficult to source products of a consistent quality on a global scale, but ABS has two production facilities strategically located Dhaka and Chittagong with the same state-of-the-art print technologies installed in each factory. We also use centralized and version-controlled digital artwork libraries to efficiently manage customer input and ensure uniform production of all graphic swing tickets.
  • We are garment packaging specialistsand hold a deep understanding of this industry sector. ABS has a great track record going back nearly 12 years, and is trusted by some of the biggest garment brands in the industry and exclusive designers too. There are many industry pains that may escape common knowledge, but we have long been experts in the field, and this makes us the perfect partner for garment retailers of every shape and size.
  • We can ethically produce graphic swing tagsto match your brand ethos. Consumer demand is growing for ethical products in the garment industry, and many of our clients are looking to source tags that will complement these collections. ABS has invested heavily in technology and training to meet this demand at a high quality and fair price. Thanks to our innovative supply chain technology and personal approach to account management, we can supply ethically produced tickets to customers who need them.